Unfortunately Yours 12/28/12

Dear Facebook,
You asked me how I’m doing and in all honesty I’m doing swell. I just finished watching a brilliant movie called “Struck By Lightning.” Watching this movie made me realize that I’m possibly giving up something that I loved to do and that was to write. Writing is how I’m going to survive in this vile, gruesome existence we call Earth. Many people like to be dramatic and write poems or stories and songs and the most feminine things to show their “emotion”. Oddly enough I was one of those people. However, after watching this movie I’ve come to realize if you want to show your emotion by writing then just do it. Why, must people as a whole be so extra when it comes down to expressing themselves? I find it unnecessary, unintelligent and just freaking annoying when I see this. So I’ve come to the conclusion… that I’m going to do what other writers can’t seem to grasp their head around. I’m going to write my feelings, unadulterated and unhinging. If you as a reader, my audience don’t like it, well then understand I didn’t even care if you read this or not.

Now the first thing I want to talk about is the movie “Struck By Lightning”. This movie was brilliant. However, due to the fact that the majority of the teenagers inhabiting this wasteland of a borough the state of New York likes to call Staten Island, do not have the brain capacity large enough to absorb the meaning of this movie or even the IQ to break down and condense this movie they probably won’t appreciate it. However, I do. This movie makes light of the secrets of others and uses a prick of a human being to exploit these secrets and use the bearers of them to do something outside of their menial lives which will inadvertently change their lives for the better. Then of course these people are as shallow as their secrets portray them and sure enough once the “prick” is gone they realize “hmm maybe he wasn’t that bad”. Typical.

However, that wasn’t the meaning I received. Although this movie has a great universal meaning behind it, to me all it did was just open my eyes to this new possibility. Not only can I be the biggest prick to walk the face of the Earth, but I could also find a way to make it work for my benefit and entertain me along the way and somehow in return change the lives of people for the better. Being a prick is like a pastime for me, I love it. However, it gets a little bit tired especially since it really does no good for the people I’m being a prick to. So maybe I should change it up a bit and become a prick to people who are in grave need for a serious reality check. For example: the young women of this generation.

Every day, I go on Facebook and I see these young ladies who put pictures of themselves up on this website. Granted many of them are beautiful while some of them can use a little work. However, 9 out of 10 of these are girls are so repulsive that even if I was the last man on Earth and they were the last woman on Earth and we had to repopulate the nations I would still masturbate then kill myself. Why? It’s because these girls have no ambition to achieve self-worth even if it was on sale in the Michael Kors store in the Staten Island Mall.

These females, young women speak about their jobs, their boyfriends, their sweet sixteens or tell us poor unfortunate souls how they’re sitting in their room sobbing and are on a desperate hunt for attention. Well, news flash ladies it isn’t happening. These women don’t make themselves seem intelligent when I know for a fact they are. One example is they type in Ebonics. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t speak like that because I do. However, I wouldn’t be caught dead writing like that especially since I know that people could be reading it or in their case decoding it. These women need to grow up and realize youth isn’t forever, guys aren’t everything, and quite frankly no one cares about how you dress. So ladies let’s get off of the banisters and the counters and the tables and let’s sit on chairs. And let’s also wear decent clothes if you’re going to take pictures and put then on the Internet and lastly let’s stop claiming that this girl “sucks mad d—” when it actuality you probably do the same and you probably don’t even know if that’s true. The way I see it most girls that worry about that live in glass houses with huge slingshots waiting to send their stone flying but not realizing their house is made of glass. Ladies seriously and I mean this in the nicest of ways, get a life, get a clue and get real or get the f— out. So Facebook, how are you doing?

Unfortunately yours,
T. Ellis


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